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#BallPointPenDay #NationalBallPointPenDay


Write a note today with a ball point pen and remember why we should all be thankful for this little invention.



@ridgewallet @ridgewallet #ballpointpenday looks like a beautiful pen!!! That will last forever!


@ridgewallet #ballpointpenday Thanks for the chance!


Today is Ball Point Pen Day, patented in 1943 by Laszlo Biro and Gyorgy Biro. Before that, if you wanted to write, you had to use a fountain pen or pencil so go grab your pen and share with us today a pen brand that’s your favourite! #SocialMedia4School #BallPointPenDay https://t.co/JErBSbp62Z


I had a ver special one with four colours, but I can’t find it now. Human Lady has two very special ones, if I’m good she will let me show them to you #BallPointPenDay https://t.co/ffnLGphr1O


And Fred, these are my favourite #BallpointPenDay https://t.co/eroeXhxVAm


As we all know now, Olga enjoys her stationery - who knew. She took great delight in showing Fred some of her ballpoint pens to celebrate #BallPointPenDay which was yesterday. Hope you’re all having a good day https://t.co/IZKxvEwTSH


Who also needs #ballpointpens again? Another good reason to look forward to reopening of live trade shows and presence events! Yesterday was the day of our favorite give-away in the US, National #ballpointpenday️! https://t.co/AecvZWYIXe https://t.co/YBHlYhIvfc


Wer braucht auch mal wieder #Kugelschreiber? Noch ein wichtiger Grund, sich wieder auf Live-Messen und Präsenz-Veranstaltungen zu freuen! Gestern war in den USA der Tag unseres Lieblings-Give-Aways, der National #ballpointpenday️! https://t.co/weebK8QV0p https://t.co/gkCPtcs2tb