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Mango is a super healthy fruit so don't feel bad about having extra today. Whip up a smoothie and enjoy!



Summer without Mango party Impossible! So? #CodilitySolutions going to arrange #MangoFiesta on July 29, 2021, Thursday. Mango fiesta will fun-filled event with activities and all things MANGOES! Get Ready! Forget your diet plans and gets your hands dirty. #mangoparty #mangoday https://t.co/txGsqgbYxI


Tiny tots of Pre School and Pre Primary celebrated WORLD MANGO DAY by dressing up as mangoes. Kids were super excites to wear their beautiful and creative mango outfits headgears. With beautiful decoration, kids showed us why they love mangoes. #mango #MangoDay #mangoes https://t.co/gKQMYEa95Q