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#Childfree #InternationalChildfreeDay


Give a shoutout to the childfree people in your life, or celebrate being one of them!



In this issue of The Childfree Lifestyle: What pissed me off this week, endless sea shanty loops, and the #childfree content pick-of-the-week! #childfreebychoice https://t.co/Cn5uxI6k6r https://t.co/seyl5wLeLx


Pessoas que têm outro filho menos de um ano após o último filho têm problemas graves.. NOJO DA! #childfree #antinatalism https://t.co/VUvFbSbfQ0


Mein Gastbeitrag im Blog der wunderbaren @dezembra, in dem ich aufzeige, warum Frauen über 30 ohne Kinder auch im Jahr 2021 angefeindet und stigmatisiert werden. Das muss sich endlich ändern. #childfree https://t.co/lfiqgC64qS


People who have another kid less than a year after their last kid have serious issues #childfree #antinatalism https://t.co/LPz0XTHD67


I feel like a lot of ppl REGRET having kids after the fact Lmaoooo But by then, it’s too late #antinatalism #childfree https://t.co/fXOqn9TEKL


Rep. Elise Stefanik Condemns Local Paper For Mocking Her As 'Childless'. New York Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik demanded an apology from a local paper that mocked her as childless. An issue that is rarely acknowledged by anyone and still mandated by society. #childfree https://t.co/R0nVeGQTbi


It’s felt pretty empowering to get my Fallopian tubes removed and then the next day watch the first female Vice President be sworn in. #InaugurationDay #childfree


why are we here? "to help others" OK, that's pretty good. why are they here? "uh..." #antinatalism #childfree


@SenTedCruz #ChildFree and in favor of rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement. It’s not perfect but it’s a start. But you @sentedcruz keep being anti-science and anti-environment. I personally don’t care what type of hell YOU want to live for your own kids. 🥂


this society is the worst place for me i really don't fit #antinatalism #childfree #atheist #Vegan https://t.co/aUuKF1hoUk