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#NationalRootBeerFloatDay #RootBeerFloatDay


Go out for a root beer float to celebrate this day!



Keeping the 20th anniversary celebrations going, we recently celebrated National Root Beer Float Day. It is amazing how many strange food holidays there are, but we have enjoyed the excuse to share extra treats with our amazing team! #nationalrootbeerfloatday #lifeintech https://t.co/CLOYXor35a


What could be better than getting your Harley on the open road, feeling the wind in your beard, and the sun on your ink? Taking a pit stop at @glendaleharley for a JONES Soda on #nationalrootbeerfloatday ! Check out these awesome photos from the event that featured JONES Soda! https://t.co/Epoh99jOde


This past weekend was #nationalrootbeerfloatday we enjoyed celebrating with some of our seniors & in honor of this yummy treat we thought we would share some fun facts! Are you team root beer float? https://t.co/xQM8aS0iER


Hope you’ve had a Happy #NationalRootBeerFloatDay from Mr. Bowler and #Catscratch’s Gordon and #NationalMustardDay from Glyck and #CampLazlo’s Clam! https://t.co/Wz6n4mtZwz


Today is National Root Beer Float Day! While we don't have any ice cream we do have yummy Dad Root Beer Candy! #dadsrootbeercandy #rootbeerfloat #rootbeerfloat #RootbeerFloatDay #NationalRootBeerFloatDay #nationalrootbeerfloatday https://t.co/PAC0kMOYOE


Join us Wednesday as we celebrate #NationalRootBeerFloatDay and raise funds for @sickkids between 3pm - 5pm! This day holds a special place for @MarriottBonvoy as @CMNHospitals longest standing partners launched their 9-seat A&W Root Beer stand. #ChangeKidsHealth #FloatsForKids https://t.co/Sm4FvgKqLN


The best way to celebrate National A&W Root Beer Float Day is to have a root beer float social! It is the perfect tasty treat for a hot summer day. #RootBeerFloat #NationalRootBeerFloatDay #PeaceHealthcareAtLionsCenter #PeaceHealthcare https://t.co/pjxzm0uXFV


Happy National #NationalRootBeerFloatDay https://t.co/xybHDM9qt5


Happy #NationalRootBeerFloatDay and #SaturdayStargazing too!!!!! May you have a wonderful weekend!!!! https://t.co/IDyd8eV7nR


Enjoying a paw crafted root beer float for #NationalRootBeerFloatDay https://t.co/EcQbtL7hkA