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Do your part to spread a little kindness everywhere you go.


World Kindness Day is November 13, 2020

There's nothing better than a day that celebrates what each person should be doing every day of the year. This is what World Kindness Day does with its celebration each year on November 13. The goal of the day is to have people attempt to make the world a better place through random acts of kindness and good deeds throughout the day. While you certainly should plan to use #WorldKindnessDay when November 13 arrives, you should also be using #kindness and #kindnessday as much as possible throughout the entire year. Both the event hashtag and the daily hashtags are great reminders that you should strive to be kind in all your interactions with others each day.

World Kindness Day started back in 1988 and was created by The World Kindness Movement. This organization began in 1997 as the result of a conference in Tokyo where a number of kindness organizations from around the world met. This has grown to where there are now 28 nations who are part of The World Kindness Movement and support World Kindness Day with the goal of creating a kinder overall world and inspiring kindness in individuals and nations around the world.

It doesn't take a lot of effort to adopt #WorldKindnessDay and #kindness in general, and make it an ongoing hashtag as part of your social media outreach. There are actually a number of benefits that come with doing so. Not only do you end up bestowing kindness on others in your daily life, doing so and sharing this with others can often inspire your followers to do the same. This, in turn, can get them to share their acts of kindness and inspire even more people.

While kindness and inspiring others should be enough of a reason to adopt this hashtag, it can actually be a great way to help grow your social media accounts as well. While this should never be the primary purpose of the kindness, genuine kindness shows through and often gets people to act when they would otherwise not. This can result in a higher rate of shares, likes and tweets, and an increase in the number of those who follow your social media accounts. While never the primary purpose, it's a wonderful reward for doing what's right and kind.

As you plan out your social media, be sure to make November 13 and to use #WorldKindnessDay when that day arrives. Also, be sure to note to insert and many random acts of kindness into your daily life and social media shares to inspire others throughout the year. It's never a bad thing to use hashtags that are trying to make the world a better place for all.



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"A Little Consideration Makes All The Difference Kindness Message" by #taiche #worldkindnessday #consideration #considering #carefulthought #attention #deliberation #thought #thoughtfulness concern, #respect #kindness #karma #friendliness #tact https://t.co/yDSATkz35T https://t.co/k7W1DtGUYl