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Spread the spirit of entrepreneurship and help others achieve success.



SEFA celebrates SINRMAS as the Entrepreneur of the day. #nationalentrepreneursday #Entrepreneurlife #Entrepreneurship #Entrepreneur #sefa https://t.co/9Wyc7IpcX8


Today is #NationalEntrepreneursDay "The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity." ~ Peter Drucker - Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Practice and Principles https://t.co/BM3icKkG8v


Today is #NationalEntrepreneursDay and how could we not celebrate it! To us, Entrepreneurs are the key element to development, change and innovation. But we want to know what does it mean to you? Let us know in the comments below! https://t.co/sHGWtTNOkr


Thanks for featuring our founders @DandDDaily! #entrepreneurs #nationalentrepreneursday https://t.co/hl12RHF126


For #NationalEntrepreneursDay we'd like to celebrate our founder, Daniel Laws. He turned his dream into a reality with entrepreneurial knowledge, determination, and hard work. We are proud to work for such an inspiring entrepreneur like Danny! #DaBrianMarketing #Weloveourboss https://t.co/j1DwZolISs


It's #NationalEntrepreneursDay, and we want to shoutout to all of our @durhamcollege student businesses from @FastStartDC! Their Virtual Holiday Shop is now open, so support your small business and visit: https://t.co/7LO2DJQdR6 #ShopLocal #Entrepreneurs #StudentBusiness https://t.co/AHGb14YEYb


"The hardest and the most joyful moments of being an #entrepreneur are the moments when you have to make a really difficult decision", @nicolemsahin our CEO & Founder, member of @Inc 2020 #FemaleFounders Happy #NationalEntrepreneursDay to all hard working entrepreneurs out there! https://t.co/4fob1DS7Fa


Dream. Plan. Execute: Stirring Up Magic with our First-Ever Entrepreneurship Award for HBCUs https://t.co/NLZ0EMgiO6 #nationalentrepreneursday


#NationalEntrepreneursDay Quit Dreaming and Start Doing ! Dreamer rather than Doer ! https://t.co/6cUHM6mn3w