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Check out a free Monday concert and don't forget to tag it #musicmonday!


Do you have an ear for music? Are you able to pick up and coming hits well before they make an appearance on the radio? Do you just love music and like sharing your knowledge with others? If any of these apply to you, or any other music-related theme that can be a part of your social media, the Music Monday hashtag is one that you should be using. Getting into the habit of using day of the week hashtags like #MusicMonday or #MondayMusic can be a wonderful way to increase the engagements with your social media accounts.

The Music Monday hashtag is one of the more popular hashtags used every Monday. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why. Most people enjoy music and quite a few are extremely passionate about their music. Everyone loves to hear a new song that speaks to them. Put that all together with the double M's of the hashtag that makes it easy to remember and you have all the makings of a popular hashtag people look forward to seeing each Monday.

There are a number of different ways the #MusicMonday and #MondayMusic can be utilized. In fact, as long as the post is related to music in some way and it's put up during a Monday, there really are no limits. Below are a couple of the more commonly used ways the hashtag is used to get your creative juices flowing on possible ways you can incorporate them into your social media accounts.

Song Quotes

One of the easiest ways to use the Music Monday hashtag is to share some of the lines of your favorite songs with others. Everyone knows the feeling of a song that seems to speak to them and it's always fun to find new songs that are able to do that to you. Sharing quotes from songs that have made an impact on you may also make an impact on your followers. As an added bonus, if the song quote does make an impact on the follower, they're much more likely to like, share, or retweet that quote to others resulting in more people getting a chance to see your social media accounts.

What I'm Listening To

Everyone wants to begin the week on a positive note, and a great way to do that is to begin Monday with songs that inspire you. Taking the time to share what music you're actually listening to during the day can allow them to learn about new songs they may have never heard about. Again. if they find something they like, there's a greater chance they'll share it which can bring more eyes to your social media accounts.

With #MusicMonday being one of the most popular Monday hashtags, it's never bad to share music-related information on Monday. An even better strategy is to consistently use #MondayMusic every Monday. This will get your followers into the habit of expecting to learn something musical from you at the beginning of every week so that it becomes something they look forward to seeing. This, in turn, can make them loyal followers rather than casual ones which can make your social media accounts stronger.


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