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What's your Monday fitness routine? Share and tag it!


Fitness Monday

For those with social media accounts, it's important to begin each week on a strong note. A wonderful way to do this is to pick out one of the many hashtags that are used on a weekly basis and incorporate them into your social media plan. For the first day of the week, you will want to find a hashtag you can use each Monday to tell a story. One of the popular ones that you should consider using if it's appropriate for your accounts is #FitnessMonday.

What is the Fitness Monday Hashtag?

#FitnessMonday is a hashtag that can be applied to any social media posts related to athletics and fitness. It's a quite popular hashtag because it can be used in a wide range of ways. While many hashtags are quite specific, fitness can be interpreted to incorporate many activities. For example, it could be simply showing a photo of a workout, a rehabilitation, or a fitness-related quote. You can get creative and use it for a yoga pose to encompass both body and mind fitness. As long as there is some element of fitness involved, it's an excellent hashtag to add to any social media post made on Monday.

Great Reasons to Participate in Fitness Monday

It's always beneficial to participate in the popular Monday Hashtags. If any of your social media accounts are related to fitness in any way, the Fitness Monday hashtag is an excellent way to generate better reach. Hashtags are important on many social media platforms (such as Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook, and Pinterest), but especially valuable on both Instagram and Twitter. Using #FitnessMonday is a wonderful way to highlight and create interaction on any of these social media accounts.

Fitness is an area almost all people have an interest in and especially when they are participating in some type of fitness regimen. When this happens, they often seek out information and motivation as they embark on their own fitness journeys and search for others who are also on a similar journey they can follow. A simple way of doing this is to see what people post under the Fitness Monday hashtag.

Unlike many other hashtags, it's one that people are often actively looking to follow. This means that if you can create an active and consistent theme of posts with the Fitness Monday hashtag, you have a wonderful opportunity to find an active and motivated group to interact with your posts. This also increases the chances that your social media posts will be liked and shared with others benefiting your account even more.

This hashtag is especially useful since it can be used every week. By taking the time to plan ahead it can become a regular post to your social media accounts that can grow a following. When others realize there will be a focus on this topic each Monday, it gives you a great opportunity to find long-term followers and begin to create a community around this topic. By using Fitness Monday to begin each week, it creates a system where you can find those interested in your fitness related posts which will, in turn, grow your social media accounts.


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