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#MoralMonday #MoralMondays


Take a stand for civil rights on Moral Monday.



@UniteThePoor #blessings to our REVERED #RabbiLesser who brings words of #LOVE, #FAITH, & #TRUTH to the #PoorPeoplesCampaign #MoralMonday rally 4 the #VOTE in #Georgia! #GeorgiaRunoff!


If you are in the ATL area join us tomorrow at 7 pm for the Moral Monday mass meeting and rally. Cascade United Methodist Church 458 Ponce de Leon Ave. remember If We Ever Needed To Vote, We Sure Do Need To Vote Now! @ajc @gpbnews @wsbtv Join us #GARunoff #MoralMonday #moralvote https://t.co/Ge0Ajyk2x6


This also means, working at the federal minimum wage, it takes 93 hours of work per week to afford a 2-bedroom apartment. 1.9 MM workers make under 15 dollars an hour. #GARunoff #moralvote #moralmonday https://t.co/SdXDXNsw5h


What this means is 47 % of Georgia’s workforce and 49 % of people in Georgia are poor or low-income—a total of 4.9MM residents. This includes 60 % of children (1.5MM), 50 % of women (2.6MM), 62 % of people of color (2.9MM) and 37 % of White people (2 MM) #GARunoff #moralmonday https://t.co/B1hrt9rFnk


Tomorrow Impacted people as well as the cochairs of @UniteThePoor will be further highlighting how In Georgia, 1,265,600 people are uninsured, the fourth-highest total in the country. Over 10,000 people are homeless. #GARunoff #moralvote #moralmonday https://t.co/zJSiZty3uP