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#MeatfreeMonday #MeatlessMonday #MeatlessMondayRecipe


Test out the vegan lifestyle today for meatless Monday!



Yum! #happymondays #parksedgebarandkitchen #HerneHill #brockwellpark #norwoodroad #MeatFreeMonday https://t.co/gNr3R4EhpI


For our next #MeatFreeMonday here's a yummy recipe for Thai green Quorn & vegetable curry with coconut & lime rice. We cook this in our schools so it's for 10 portions, just reduce the quantities accordingly. If you've enjoyed trying our recipes send us a pic of the results! https://t.co/dFIt4vlldo


Looking for some inspiration for a quick #MeatFreeMonday dish? #Climatarian #ClimateAction https://t.co/5dbbCZKHqw


#MeatFreeMonday dish alert - our Marseille salad 🥗 . It's a delicious combo of grilled halloumi, avocado, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sumac crisp bread, garlic, lemon & oregano dressing. And it's healthy! Winning all round. https://t.co/jGDEOfw35S


Last night was a relatively quick and simple meal of shop bought vegan friendly gnocchi with homemade veggies, bean and tomato sauce #nutritioncoach1 #pastadish #healthyeating #healthyfood #vegan #veganfriendly #veggies #meatfreemonday #meatfree https://t.co/u6omJyyIAn


This wholemeal creamy pea pasta is packed full of greens and boasts the added goodness of cannellini beans. Make this as your fresh twist on pesto. Follow the link: https://t.co/ITZzntPMjO #MeatfreeMonday https://t.co/NzIM4ChehJ


Dairy-free 🥛 Lactose-free Gluten-free Suitable for vegans and vegetarians Softy, Cochie's tasty creamy spread made from coconuts not cows, is the ideal ingredient for any snack or recipe for anyone and everyone! https://t.co/8mQBgVPWGk #meatfreemonday #vegan https://t.co/NzNvZEJ8wS


Our vegan kebab is the perfect treat for your #meatfreemonday! Head down and grab one from your nearest Stone Willy's! https://t.co/6QigOFHTRg https://t.co/Zz0l4sDaSh


Fancy trying somewhere different for #Meatfreemonday? We've put together the best selection of vegetarian food that East London has to offer. https://t.co/svxwDACWQm https://t.co/u8Jt3eJ8qN