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#TuesdayTunesday #TuneTuesday


Share your current favorite tune, or any new musical discoveries.



#TuesdayTunesday #OneYearLater: Video Snippets of Music Forum set @joselynhw (3/4). Full video: https://t.co/CnK2c5QSMf. This one is a song I wrote back in London called 'Headphones', one night in the streets of Covent Garden. It's about what you sense with your eyes closed. https://t.co/oAjP85Mvsu


#TuesdayTunesday One of the first records @SimonDunmore worked on at AM:PM in the mid 90s. Simon Dunmore: 30 Years In The Industry - https://t.co/ebPlN4pmwc https://t.co/Etz4c3IDY9


He sees you when you’re sleeping, He knows when you’re awake, He knows if you’ve been bad or good, So be good for goodness sake! #TuesdayTUNESday https://t.co/D2F8DEi8w0


Eight member band preparing to play music at the Bismarck Cafe, Seattle, Washington, 1904. Photo by Wilhelm Hester. #tuesdaytunesday Wilhelm Hester Photograph Collection. PH Coll 318.1210 https://t.co/FhP1c1aXsz


This #TuesdayTunesday, get into the #CirqueChristmas spirit with ‘Twas the Night Before...! Stream and sing along to the first #CirqueduSoleil holiday album here: Spotify: https://t.co/etP9ZREoLG Apple Music: https://t.co/LEfEf70s2p Google Play: https://t.co/OvqSMrdiGh https://t.co/yDT5wi4SIf


Starting this #tuesdaytunesday off with a little Rob Thomas! https://t.co/kkqPBwss00 Tell us what tunes you are looking forward to hearing this Saturday ️ https://t.co/mHKlKQDXwh


Antiphonary leaf: Chants for the 4th Sunday in Lent, Lauds. Between 1400 and 1499. #tuesdaytunesday Walter B. Beals Collection. Beals 44v. https://t.co/rylCxBLaSe