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What gadgets can you not live without? Share with the rest of us for Tech Tuesday.


If you have any interest in technology and the tech theme fits with your social media accounts, you certainly want to be taking advantage of the Tech Tuesday hashtag whenever possible. Using a popular hashtag for a specific day of the week like #TechTuesday or #TuesdayTech is an excellent way to drive more traffic to your social media accounts which can help them grow in popularity.

It's not all that difficult to figure out how the Tech Tuesday hashtag gained popularity. Technology is something that almost everyone is familiar with in their daily lives and new technology is of great interest to many. There's no doubt that staying on top of the latest technology and how that can shape our lives is important to many. With this hashtag having the double T's, it's simple to remember and has a catchy feel so that people know to look for it every Tuesday.

For those who would like to add the #TechTuesday and #TuesdayTech hashtags to their social media posts, there are two common ways to do so. Of course, you're not limited to these two examples, but they're a good beginning point if you've decided to add a weekly technology post to your social media accounts.

New Discoveries

Most people are interested in the latest technology that's out there and available. If you have access to this information or just happen to run across new technology on a regular basis that you believe others would also find interesting, you're in the perfect position to share this information with your followers every Tuesday. Interesting technology is something that others like to share with others, so you may get additional retweets, likes, and shares with this type of content which can help you increase the popularity of your social media accounts.

Tech Tips

Another wonderful way to leverage the Tech Tuesday hashtag is to provide useful technology tips to your followers for certain tech most of them use. Just as showing you here how using the Tuesday Tech hashtag is a tip that can help you grow your social media accounts, you can share quick and easy tech tips that can help others. Any type of technology tip can be wonderful to use with the Tech Tuesday hashtag.

There's never a bad time to use these popular hashtags, but it can be extremely beneficial to use the Tech Tuesday hashtag each and every Tuesday. By using the hashtag every week, you'll put some consistency into what your followers will expect to see on Tuesdays and this can ultimately lead to your followers forming a community. They'll begin to anticipate and look for your technology posts every Tuesday and this, in turn, has the potential to help increase your social media followings.



P.2/3 worked hard to apply their knowledge of input & output devices to sort items such as a camera, microphone, card reader & mobile phone. They even identified some items that could be both input and output devices! @Schools_Digital @DigiLearnScot @NLDigitalSchool #TechTuesday https://t.co/dvWyjTAe28


. Whoa, a comparison of the specs of phones over $1k from Samsung and Apple? Count me in! #techtuesday #vlogger https://t.co/GvHN3VVzYK


This week's #TechTuesday with @161ventures is a special one! We had the opportunity to not only film the segment in English but in Spanish, too. Do not miss la edicíon especial of #TechTuesday, below! https://t.co/w5WbvvEQto


Our protective and durable iPad cases are trusted by teachers, faculty, and staff nationwide. Visit the link for our K-12 solutions: https://t.co/HICV8BLi3A #RugEdClassroom #k12 #educationalproducts #edtech #techtuesday #STEM #STEMeducation #b2b https://t.co/DRySMhtdkz


Atención, atención! Today, we have una edición especial de #TechTuesday in Spanish! Esta semana, @UFInnovate's Melanie Morón habla con Pablo Casilimas de @161ventures sobre su compañía y la presentación de su evento: #GainesvilleTechWeek. https://t.co/w7ALPWOXyJ


My colleague Abhijit Bose, head of Capital One's Center for Machine Learning, joined the One Vision podcast to discuss how to build and scale ML across an organization. #TechTuesday #ML https://t.co/SwIEWAwzcx https://t.co/GfLVnWb5Za


Today R7 caught up on @NLDigitalSchool #TechTuesday lesson on Paint 3D. We will now use our new skills to create a digital poster for the NL Digital Artwork Competition @LawmuirPS @DigitalLawmuir ️ https://t.co/xIXlkcX0Cp


Managing Partner, Pablo Casilimas, walks us through the 3-day #GainesvilleTechWeek details on this week's #TechTuesday. The event will bring in capital and speakers from near and far to help educate local startups.


#TechTuesday @JustDekker Another step closer to our world looking like it's out of Bladerunner Saw this & thought I'd share. https://t.co/SDPBZXfRUh


#incorrectquotes #incorrectquotesbadbatch #BadBatch #wrecker #tech #TechTuesday https://t.co/qXtZ4dF16v