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It rhymes, and that's a perfect reason to get your drink on.



Special: Fried Chicken Chorizo Quesadilla $11– Crispy flour tortilla, red beans, fried chicken, manchego cheese, creamy chorizo, & pickled corn-cilantro relish. #SmallPlateSpecial #TuesdayBoozeday #WhiskeyRita #DowntownMHK https://t.co/nIULApWvhX


What’s in your #TuesdayBoozeday glass? Here, at Casino Royale, like always, our ice-cold beer is only $3-- the cheapest on the strip! Stop by for a cold one #CasinoRoyaleVIP https://t.co/X8qbryYHF2


#TuesdayBoozeday brings Sarah and Jess's Birthday! Happy Birthday, ladies...y'all are amazing! Kat is here for Happy Hour, followed by Nancy from 8pm to close. We've also got specials all day long on Shiner and Enchanted Rock! See you soon! https://t.co/sbsodN3yxm


Shoutout @maxlorenzo18 for the 200th follower. I hope you are all enjoying my journey and stick with me through thick and thin. #tuesdayboozeday


@TomMorris16 You too playa! Once I can travel I'll be back for #TuesdayBoozeDay