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One of the best ways to leverage hashtags to help you build your social media accounts is to find popular ones that correspond to a particular day of the week. A good example of this would be the Shoutout Saturday hashtag. By using this Saturday specific hashtag, you have an opportunity to build your social media accounts.

It's not difficult to understand why the Saturday Shoutout hashtag is popular. Not only does it benefit your followers when you give recommendations of other accounts to take notice of, but it also helps the other accounts as well. The double S's of the hashtag also makes it easy to remember when each Saturday arrives. This combination makes it an excellent hashtag to use for the benefit of all.

This hashtag can have a fairly broad interpretation giving you a lot of leeway when using it. Below you can find a couple of examples of how it can be used.

General Shoutouts

If there are social media accounts that you religiously follow, they're a good candidate for a general Shoutout Saturday recommendation. These are the accounts that consistently capture your attention and you feel your followers would truly enjoy learning about. The more specific you can be about why you are giving the shoutout, usually the better.

Specific Shoutouts

There will be times when you come across a post that is so good it has to be shared. These specific shoutouts are a wonderful way to highlight the best content you've come across during the week.

While it's fine to give shoutouts only occasionally (it's better than never giving them out), if you choose this route, you want to make sure you post them on Saturday so you can take full advantage of this popular hashtag. A more effective option is to make it a regular weekly part of your social media. Not only will you gain appreciation from those who you highlight, but there's also a chance that they may do the same for you down the road. It's a great way to grow your followers and social media accounts over time.



Liking what you do for work and being excellent at it really hits different🧠🫀️‍ #Mindfulness #ShoutoutSaturday #GOAT


This #ShoutoutSaturday goes to the 7 new guilds that launched on @NEARProtocol this week These guilds successfully launched w/enthusiasm and forward momentum! Check out our town hall for dets @SwineGuild @nearhispano @INC_4_ @MerchantsNear @minerall_io @SwineGuild @uxisnear


#ShoutOutSaturday to those who have served our country. https://t.co/8EhqsOkU7p #HopscotchToHelpChallenge


Congrats to Matt Gilmore, Karen Lenz, Mike Gray, Mike Rogers, & Matthew Stovall on your closings from this last week!! #SOLD #TRL #SellingTexas #SellingTexasRanchesandHomes #UnderContract #ClosingDay #TrinityTeam #TrinityRanchLand #TexasRealtor #ShoutOutSaturday #Congrats https://t.co/US90suUhte


Today's CLEAN Spotify Top 10: 🥇 Olivia Rodrigo (26 days) 🥈 Rauw Alejandro 🥉 Lil Nas X 4️⃣ Doja Cat, SZA 5️⃣ Olivia Rodrigo 6️⃣ BTS 7️⃣ Lorde 🆕 8️⃣ Dua Lipa, DaBaby 9️⃣ Justin Bieber, Daniel Caesar ️ Olivia Rodrigo ️ #WeekendVibes #ShoutoutSaturday https://t.co/Dfb3TmsiP7


#ShoutOutSaturday to all the Best Baseball Dad’s (mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, etc.) who provide knowledge & support to the youth. #BestBaseballDad


#ShoutOutSaturday A big shoutout to Central Okanagan Foundation for their support. Services are provided at no cost for children, youth and their families who may be experiencing challenges. Thank you Central Okanagan Foundation for everything you do! https://t.co/oWLuIAhOQZ


This #ShoutoutSaturday, we'd like to recognize Sherman's Deli! #bestofpalmsprings #NYdeli #palmsprings #palmspringslife #coachellavalley #palmspringsstyle #palmspringsliving #palmspringsca #psiloveyou #deserthomes #desertrealestate #desertliving #movetopalmsprings https://t.co/bXONEvN05r