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#SelfieSunday #SundaySelfie #SS


Post a selfie with one of these tags, and no one will judge you.


If you're looking for ways to get better engagement and increase the number of followers on your social media accounts, a good way to do this is to use hashtags with a specific day of the week in them. Many of these have become extremely popular such as the Selfie Sunday hashtag. In fact, it's so popular it actually has three forms: #SelfieSunday, #SundaySelfie, and #SS. To get the most out of this hashtag, make sure to use all three variations when posting.

It's not hard to guess why the Selfie Sunday hashtag has become so popular. Selfies are one of the iconic images of the social media era, so it shouldn't be a surprise that any reason to post selfie content would be popular. Add to it the double S's of the words and the hashtag is simple to remember.

While it may seem obvious how to take a selfie, there's actually a lot of creativity that can go into taking ones that perform well on social media. Most selfie photos are taken to accentuate the best possible look of yourself. While that isn't necessarily a bad thing, it often distorts reality. It can be quite dramatic and unexpected to show a selfie reality. For example, you could do a selfie when you first wake up, with no makeup or at a time when you look far from your best. Since this is so unexpected in most cases, it can actually have quite a positive impact on your social media accounts. By using a bit of creativity beyond the normal selfie everyone expects, you can make yours stand out in the crowd.

Depending on the focus of your social media accounts, you may only post a selfie on a rare occasion. If this is the case, you want to make sure to do so on Sunday so you can take advantage of all three selfie hashtags. Another option is to post a selfie every Sunday as part of an ongoing series. This builds continuity with your followers as they come to expect and look forward to your creative selfies each week. By doing this, you create an atmosphere where your social media accounts can grow and thrive.


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