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#TravelTuesday #MyTownTuesday
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Take someone this Tuesday for a mini trip! Share your Tuesday travels with one of these hashtags.


It can often be beneficial to add day-of-the-week hashtags to your social media accounts when they are appropriate and related to the daily topic. If you're going to be posting every Tuesday, it makes sense to find a hashtag that is popular so you can use it each week. For example, if your social media accounts are related to travel in any way, it would make sense to adopt #TravelTuesday.

What is the Travel Tuesday Hashtag?

Travel is one of the most popular activities, and sharing information and photos about travel often fills social media accounts. One of the problems is that travel is so popular and widespread on social media platforms, it can be a bit overwhelming. This is one of the reasons for the Travel Tuesday hashtag.

#TravelTuesday is a Tuesday specific hashtag used to promote any post related to travel. As you might imagine, it's an extremely popular hashtag that can be used to highlight travel in various ways. While many hashtags can be quite limited in focus, travel can encompass a wide variety of activities. A photo of a trip you're currently taking would qualify, but so would an image of what you're packing for an upcoming trip or a quote that summarizes how you feel after returning from a trip. If some element of travel is part of the post, then it can be used as part of Travel Tuesday.

Wonderful Reasons to Participate in Travel Tuesday

There are many benefits to participating with at least one of the many Tuesday Hashtags. If it's appropriate to incorporate a travel-related post into your social media posts, the Travel Tuesday hashtag has the possibility to help grow your accounts. Almost all social media platforms use hashtags to help their users find information that is of interest to them. Hashtags are growing in popularity on social media sites like Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest, and they're already the default way of finding information on Twitter and Instagram. Using #TravelTuesday can help people find your account much more easily.

Travel is an almost universal interest, and people are always looking for what others are doing so they can plan their own travel activities. The Travel Tuesday hashtag is an easy way for them to search for social media accounts with travel related topics which they would be interested in following.

One of the benefits of #TravelTuesday is many people actively search for travel information. With so many people interested in this topic, there is a good opportunity to find those who would be interested in your posts. If you're able to create especially engaging travel posts, there is a great opportunity to get the posted shared and liked by those who come across them which has the potential to grow the account even further.

Another benefit of this hashtag is that you can use it weekly to create an ongoing series. With a bit of planning, your account can become a destination for those who find your posts useful and engaging since they can anticipate something travel related every Tuesday. This can turn those who happen across your social media accounts for the first time into regular visitors. This can then develop into an ongoing community around the topic. Using this travel hashtag each week allows anyone interested in travel to find your posts with the potential to grow your social media accounts when they do.



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