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Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine and support a local grassroots project. You'll feel twice as nice!


One of the best strategies when it comes to using hashtags on social media is to focus on the specific day of the week hashtags. These can be useful because you have a ready-made hashtag to use once a week. A good example would be using the Wine Wednesday hashtag every Wednesday. This is one of the more popular Wednesday hashtags so using it can have good social media benefits.

It's not too hard to figure out how this became a popular hashtag. There are a lot of people who enjoy wine and the double W's make it an easy hashtag to remember. If you have wine-related content to post, it makes sense to schedule to post it on a Wednesday rather than another day of the week to take advantage of this specific day hashtag.

While the wine theme is rather specific, there are still a lot of options one has when using this hashtag. You can find two popular ways this hashtag is used below.

Wine Quotes or Cartoons

Finding your favorite wine quotes or wine cartoons can be an excellent way to leverage this hashtag. Both are content that can easily be shared with others and both often get a lot of likes and retweets. If your social media followers are also into wine as much as you are, you're likely to get a nice result using the Wine Wednesday hashtag this way.

Wine Photos

Another excellent way to leverage this hashtag is to post wine-related photos. Whether it's you holding up a glass of red, your favorite white with a sunset in the background, or photos from a visit to your favorite vineyard, anything with a wine theme will work perfectly here. Followers will always love quality photos on a topic that's popular with them.

There's nothing wrong with posting under the Wednesday Wine hashtag from time to time, but to get the most social media bang out of it, consider using it on a weekly basis. Setting the precedent of using it every Wednesday gives your followers a consistent theme to look forward to when hump day arrives each week. This ultimately should result in more activity on the social media content you post.



Pasta & delicious #wine #lifeisgood #winewednesday Cheers! https://t.co/Zvr5fRghLy


1 more glass of wine🤫 #WineWednesday https://t.co/0XBQ7iSIUk


Happy Wine Wednesday everybody 🥂 #WineWednesday #winelover


That look you get when your friend serves you coffee but then says he has @oakfarmvineyards #barbera #winewednesday #ofvsocalambassador https://t.co/x0exoAiZp3


I'm a wine mom. Except instead of wine I'm drinking mio and instead of a child it's my dog. #WineWednesday #alcohol #DryJanuary #dogmom


This #WineWednesday we are going to talk about the newest winery to open up along the #WestsideWineTrail in West Kelowna - @crownthieves ⁠ ⁠ @uncorkbcwine - thanks for checking out this new winery and sharing this photo with us!⁠ ⁠ Many of you … https://t.co/0sXHpf3nua https://t.co/GKYzKcYxMU


About last night!! #winetime & pasta . #napavalley #winewednesday #brunellodimontalcino #lifeisgood @ Napa Valley Wine & Cigar https://t.co/v2oyGD1gQH


@ariduswineco from Arizona for Inauguration Day with @Harry_Houdini because we're proud they went blue. #WineWednesday https://t.co/Svte7nR2ii


@SashaEats @SideHustleWino @magee333 @CLEWineGuy @VinoSocialNancy @TasteandSavor @Friscokid49 @WineFolly @wineworldnews @KellyMitchell Cheers, Sasha. #QPR, affordable #Rioja here. #WineWednesday https://t.co/nEBhy8Sums