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Help empower women and give some recognition to a woman who deserves it.


Women Wednesday

If you have a social media account, there's a good chance that you are looking for quality ways to boost the number of followers it has. One great way to do this is to use a hashtag specific to a certain day of the week. There are numerous hashtags for each day, so the challenge is finding the correct ones for your social media accounts. For example, if you post content about women issues, it likely makes sense to begin using the #womenwednesday hashtag on Wednesdays. Tagging your content with a day-specific hashtag helps to increase the chances of those interested in women's issues finding your posts.

What is the Women Wednesday Hashtag?

The Women Wednesday hashtag was originally created to highlight women and their accounts who were inspirational to the poster. It was a great way to share other women's social media accounts that you thought others should follow. It has gradually expanded to also include quality women-related topics and issues you believe other women would benefit from reading and knowing about. Although it's fine to post about women any day of the week, Wednesday has been picked as a day to specifically highlight people and content. This has resulted in people looking for women's content and recommendations to specifically search for it under the #womenwednesday hashtag.

#WomenWednesday has become a hashtag used to search for social media accounts, people, and content by those looking for top-quality women's issues content. It can sometimes be difficult to find information under broader hashtags like #women and #womensissues due to the sheer number of posts tagged with these. The Women Wednesday hashtag narrows the field, and because it's more specific, the quality of the content tends to be better. The hashtag is used specifically to highlight other women and their social media accounts that are inspirational but can also include articles, videos, quotes and photos about women.

Why You Should Participate in Women Wednesday

Finding topics that have a specific day-of-the-week hashtag is a smart way to make your social media accounts stand out. There are quite a few Wednesday Hashtags which cover a plethora of topics. For content you're going to post that involves women's issues, it makes sense to do so on Wednesday so you can take advantage of this tag. Hashtags are by far the most common way people search for content on Instagram and Twitter. They are also becoming a more common way to search for content on Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, and Facebook.

This hashtag has an added benefit beyond highlighting the social media accounts of women you admire and find inspirational. In the process of promoting those you enjoy, they also come to know that you feel strongly enough about their content to promote them. This will likely get them to look at your postings and content, and give you a great opportunity to have them add your account and become one of your followers.

If you're able to post engaging women-related content every Wednesday, there's a good chance you'll increase the number of your followers interested in this information. This has the potential of turning a random person who found your account into one who regularly follows your postings. Engage enough people and they can become a community on the topic. Finding quality hashtags on-topic for your social media accounts provides a good opportunity to increase the number of followers of those accounts.



This #WomenWednesday, we’d like to highlight #filmmaker Mimi Cave and her first directorial feature, @FreshMovie! She shot the film throughout the pandemic which posed many new challenges... but Mimi persevered!  https://t.co/PmXZ97sQfC


What other #Blackwomenintech have inspired you as a #founder? Retweet and let us know ⤵️ #blackhistorymonth #womenwednesday #evelynboydgranville #techstartup #tech #techlife #techwomen #techwomenrock #techwomenoftheworld #techwomenofcolor #techfounder #startup #awsm


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@derkacz_mark @featherhigh @vivien2112 @movie_gal_10 @Tomikazi66 @jp_siira @omar_syrinx2112 @Regan0002112 @chrisdrunkpoets @KevinMKnapp1 @CrisRefuse @moto0707irs This woman rocks. #SuzeDeMarchi #BabyAnimals #WomenWednesday https://t.co/zDBCPt8kSs


@derkacz_mark @featherhigh @vivien2112 @movie_gal_10 @Tomikazi66 @jp_siira @omar_syrinx2112 @Regan0002112 @chrisdrunkpoets @KevinMKnapp1 @CrisRefuse @moto0707irs Deep in the heart of the brain is a lever. Deep in the heart of the brain is a switch. #PattiSmithGroup #punk #punks #punkrock #PattiSmith #70sMusic #WomenWednesday https://t.co/iVF4wiiSBi


With only 6% of women in Sub-Saharan Africa attending university, we aim to ensure that about half of our program's students are women. In 2022, 56% of our students were women! Here’s to our inspiring female scholars who empower themselves and their communities! #womenwednesday https://t.co/28xaM8Yyc4


@JensenJen13 I love her feminism, strength, resilience, humanity, passion, truth, elegance, determination and love. Did you know that her husband set her up on a date with Ryan O'Neil? They had dinner and kissed until their lips were bleeding? CRAZINESS! #womenwednesday https://t.co/jtAVPVPA23


@derkacz_mark @featherhigh @vivien2112 @movie_gal_10 @Tomikazi66 @jp_siira @omar_syrinx2112 @Regan0002112 @chrisdrunkpoets @KevinMKnapp1 @CrisRefuse @moto0707irs #DavidRoback's gone but the waltzing "Fade into You" will live forever. Let #HopeSandoval 's voice fly you away. #90sMusic #MazzyStar #WomenWednesday https://t.co/XUUMdrutyl


#GlacialStyle #MsMarvel #MarvelsAvengers #WomenWednesday #MegaHive #PS4share https://t.co/yEnDK6IrqZ


https://t.co/dT2hTvx6YC THEAUDIENCE PESSIMIST IS NEVER DISAPPOINTED #Womenwednesday @featherhigh @vivien2112 @movie_gal_10 @Tomikazi66 @jp_siira @omar_syrinx2112 @Regan0002112 @GeorgiosMasman2 @chrisdrunkpoets @KevinMKnapp1 @CrisRefuse @moto0707irs