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Outfit of the week? Day? Share your fashion favorites!


Are you into fashion? Do you enjoy all aspects of coordinating your outfits and finding the latest clothing trends? Do you enjoy sharing your fashion knowledge with others? If you find that fashion is a passion of yours, or you like to share fashion-related content on your social media accounts every now and then, you should be taking advantage of the Fashion Friday hashtag. All you need to do is save your fashion-related content for Friday, then tag it with #FashionFriday and #FridayFashion to take advantage of this popular Friday hashtag. It's a wonderful way to bring new eyes to your social media accounts to help them grow.

One can easily ascertain why the Fashion Friday hashtag has become so popular. There are a lot of people who are seriously dedicated to fashion and passionate about all things related to it. Who doesn't want to look great when they go out? Combine that with the double F's of the hashtag which makes it simple to say and easy to remember, and it makes perfect sense that #FashionFriday is one of the more popular Friday hashtags.

There are hundreds of different ways you can use the #FridayFashion and #FashionFriday hashtags. As long as your post has a fashion theme in some way and it gets posted on Friday, you're good to go. This gives you a ton of room to be creative and still use the hashtag with your posts. For those looking for a bit of inspiration to get started, we have listed a couple of common ways that this hashtag gets utilized.

What You're Wearing

If you're looking for a simple way to begin using #FashionFriday, a good place to start is with what you're wearing. You can use the outfit you happen to be wearing that Friday, or if you find that you have a fashion statement you loved during the week, you can take photos of that and save it for the end of the week. You can simply use a photo or put more detail into what you're wearing and how you put it together. If those who enjoy fashion like the look you present, there's a good chance they'll share the content in some way. This can lead to retweets, shares, and likes which ultimately can grow your social media accounts.

Fashion Accessories

Another great way to utilize #FridayFashion is to highlight accessories that bring a fashion statement together. Whether you decide to specialize in a certain type of accessory, or just generally highlight different fashion accessories that you find, focusing on a niche aspect of fashion can be a great way to introduce your followers to your fashion likes and dislikes. If you're spot on when creating your fashion accessory posts, there's a good chance that it'll generate shares and likes which will expose your social media accounts to more eyes.

The above two examples are simply a way to get your creativity going when thinking about the best way to leverage #FashionFriday to the fullest. While it's fine to use this hashtag on Fridays here and there, a better strategy is to consistently use the hashtag every Friday. This will allow your followers to get into the habit of expecting fashion content each Friday and can help solidify your community.


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