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Make a connection with someone new or old on Connect Friday.



#ConnectFriday I am beyond excited to have Joseph Hathaway join Kaleidoscope Innovation and Product Design as a problem solving, inquisitive, hungry, business leader in our sales team. I love Joe's role as this was the exact position I joined when…https://t.co/JLhUP4BYSs


Maturing is when you get happier for your therapy session date more than your actual dinner date. #relatable #FridayFeeling #FridayThoughts #everydaylife #Connectfriday


Happy #ConnectFriday! I have this special mug sitting on my desk from my ventures to Infosys in Bangalore last summer. I was welcomed with open arms and support during my visit and was able to establish and foster personal and professional relationships…https://t.co/9F44fS90aW