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Share your favorite film and find something new to watch on Film Friday.


If you're looking for new ways to increase and better retain social media followers, one tried and tested method is to use a specific day of the week hashtag that applies to your audience. Using these can be beneficial by bringing continuity to your social media account on a weekly basis. For example, using the Film Friday hashtag every Friday when you post content.

It's pretty obvious why Film Friday has become a popular hashtag. Most people love movies and the double F's make this hashtag simple to remember. If it makes sense to post about movies once a week to your followers, this can be an excellent hashtag to introduce to your content each Friday.

There are wide-ranging opportunities to create content that falls under the Friday Film hashtag when using a bit of creativity. Two of the more common ways people do this can be found below.

Movie Quotes

A simple and effective way to bring in a movie theme is to take your favorite iconic quotes from films and post them. Quotes are easy to digest and can have a profound impact on the reader, especially if it happens to hit them correctly. This increases the chance that they will retweet, like or share the quote with others. It will also often increase follower participation such as increased comments on the post. All this is good news for your social media account.

Film Recommendations

If you enjoy watching movies and do so on a regular basis, giving a recommendation on a good film you recently watched can be a wonderful way to interact with your followers. You give them a quality recommendation and if they find your recommended films to be interesting to watch, they will come to see them as something to look forward to receiving.

If you happen to only create content about movies every once in a while, you'll want to be sure to post that content on a Friday so you can leverage this popular hashtag. Even better, make it a habit to post film content every Friday so your followers soon come to anticipate it. This can ultimately make for better over engagement with your posts and help to grow your social media account over time.



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